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A wave of new dreams and desires, a need for new energies, new winds to emerge, that is what this installation consists of. New winds that will bring new dreams and projects, full of energy and hope. Represented by a pendant, a colorful mobile, happy and vibrant glass rings.

That is modified naturally by a breeze, a gust or the slightest movement. Just as our desires and dreams change over time. With movement the sound appears, soft, discreet, or perhaps imperceptible, but it is there. Movement and sound are coupled, combined, achieving a constant change, along with the shadows cast by the pieces of this mobile that harmoniously intermingle.

The idea is to let yourself go and be able to feel and enjoy these new winds, which will bring feelings of positive changes, which drive and stimulate us to move forward with enthusiasm and happiness.

This series was created using the flameworking and fusing glass technique, with bullseye and recycled glass.