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One of my great challenges has been the question of: Can we defy gravity? On Earth, we can never escape the force of gravity. However, small objects can levitate through the effect of electromagnetism.
This led me to investigate how to make an object fly or remain suspended in the air and thus defy gravity. A fantastic concept in which something or someone can float, as if the law of gravity did not apply to it.
I wanted to capture these concepts and represent them in a work of art. What better way than through a work that really flies.

This is how the works in the Defy Gravity series are based on the phenomenon of electromagnetism that allows the work to literally fly, trying to represent the importance of letting the imagination fly, giving free rein to our dreams and creativity. On the other hand, in this series I also wanted to convey a feeling of freedom and detachment from that heavy burden that we all carry and carry constantly. By flying, flowing and floating, that feeling of freedom is created, as if we managed to get rid of problems, even for a moment.

This series was created using the flameworking, casting and fusing glass technique, with bullseye, float and recycled glass.