September 2019,


The National Liberty Museum’s annual Glass Auction & Gala is the signature fundraiser and the premier glass auction in the region. 100% of the proceeds support for education and outreach programs for underserved students throughout our region, Philadelphia, USA.

Honoring the Legacy of the Founder Irving J. Borowsky. 


September 2019,


The “MUY: SHOW URUGUAY” Fair of Marca País is an event that takes place in KIBON, a prestigious space off the coast of the Rio de la Plata. It presents some of the Country Brand companies, exporters of products and services within the framework of Uruguay Natural.

 ACCS VISUAL ARTS presents “OUR ART TO THE WORLD”, in attention to the commercialization of artworks that it carries out abroad and the cultural management that accompanies the presentations of visual artists and art exhibitions, both inside and outside borders.

MONTEVIDEO VA Second Edition

June 2019,


We present "MONTEVIDEO VA" in its Second Edition. On this occasion, sculptures in iron and marble, glass, wood carvings, ceramics, paintings and digital art are exhibited.

The Golden Compass continues to remind us of the good footprint left by the great masters of Uruguay and it is in their homage that we continue in this journey of interaction and movement in the visual arts. Trying to take them to other areas is the goal. Building bridges through technology is essential in today's world, but being able to bring different audiences closer to an exhibition, makes the works travel to meet those who observe them directly, moving them and allowing those unique and infinite dialogues that are generated between them. Spectators and the artists themselves, with their creations.

"Digital Distance"

May 2019,


"Digital Distance"- Approaches to Digital Technology

The CGS invited member glass artists that utilize new technologies (e.g. within digital fields) within their glass work, to take part in an international online glass gallery exhibition.

What do we mean by digital technology? It can include digital production technologies such as CAD (computer assisted design) & CNC manufacturing (multi-axis milling, laser cutting, 3D prototyping, computer assisted manufacture, etc.).

It can also include digital audio, imagery and video. And works that 'sums up’ digital technology e.g. pixelation for example.

22 CGS glass artists were selected by the CGS team, to take part in this online exhibition. The resulting work is detailed and considered and interesting to read about.



March 2019,


ACCS Visual Arts presents the First Edition of "MONTEVIDEO VA", exhibition of paintings, sculptures, digital art and textiles of its collective of artists.

Its name says much more than "Montevideo Visual Arts". In the design of the logo it appears as an inspiring element a Golden Compass that unfolds in movement. Remember the great Uruguayan masters of the visual arts who have left a good mark on the world and all those who every day express sensitivity in their creations.

The idea of ​​movement and interaction that is experienced in art is a permanent motivation.

ESTE ARTE 2019 International Art Fair

January 4-9, 2019

ESTE ARTE is an international art fair on a human scale, with an engaging cultural and VIP agenda. The art fair brings an artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, generating a far-reaching art exhibition for regional and international visitors alike.
The exhibitors program hosts a carefully selected group of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries. Featuring young and established galleries, the fair aims to be the place where collectors can find works of established artists as well as artists at the beginning of their career.

ESTE ARTE is as unique as its venue: It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s stylish. It’s trendsetter.


December 2018 to April 2019

"The Colour Red-An Explosion"

Glass Artists were invited to submit an image of a piece that exploried the colour red within their work.

47 were selected by our committee, from all the entries submitted.

The result was a feisty explosion of colour to end off a year of fabulous CGS shows!





December 2018 to January 2019

Exhibition opening season 2019 in Settemari Art Gallery, in Punta del Este.

In this beautiful and exclusive city, on the Uruguayan coast with attractive beaches for tourism.

Where art, gastronomy, sports and fashion converge.