TEXTURES/How Do You Feel? / May, 2021



An International CGS Online Glass Exhibition hosting 51 selected CGS Members.

“Texture can defined as the tactile quality of an object’s surface. Within art, it can appeal to  our sense of touch, which can evoke an emotional response. Texture is the feel, appearance,  or consistency of a surface. Just like 3D forms, texture can be implied or real.

Texture can be created through tactile possibilities: cutting, building, tearing or layering of materials, for example.” This was a CGS juried show, and was launched on 8th May 2021


FLORA- A CGS selling exhibition inspired by artist Cathryn Shilling / April, 2021


We asked renowned glass artist Cathryn Shilling if she would provide the theme for our next inspiring opportunity for members to show and sell their work. 59 CGS Members show their work in this online selling exhibition, which was launched on 3rd April 2021. All work is for sale! Please contact the artists directly.

Cathryn says: “I have spent a significant amount of time this winter gazing out of my kitchen window into my garden and reflecting on the year that was. So, I would like to challenge CGS members to participate in a new online selling exhibition inspired by the incredible diversity of ‘Flora’.”




Mirror of Nature / January and February, 2021


ACCS Visual Arts is pleased to presents the exhibition "Mirrors of Nature", by the artists Janine Altman, Ángel Caballero, Teresa Cabo and Luz Sánchez, in the "Espacio Santos" of the Santos Palace, Uruguayan Foreign Ministry.

The exhibition looks at the rich and fragile biodiversity that surrounds everyone.

Altman's glass works in different techniques, colors and supports, emulating the beautiful natural environments that are exposed every day to ruptures of ecological balance.


ART CORNER by ACCS Visual Arts / January and February, 2021


We present at ART CORNER a selection of works by artists Janine Altman and Teresa Cabo. All of them are inspired by the capacity of resilience that the human being has in the face of the difficulties that the world and contemporary society present.

This exhibition is in support of the Corazoncitos Foundation by donating 10% of the sale of works that are exhibited in the ART CORNER by ACCS Visual Arts Space.