Mirror of Nature

January and February, 2021 

ACCS Visual Arts is pleased to presents the exhibition "Mirrors of Nature", by the artists Janine Altman, Ángel Caballero, Teresa Cabo and Luz Sánchez, in the "Espacio Santos" of the Santos Palace, Uruguayan Foreign Ministry.

 The exhibition looks at the rich and fragile biodiversity that surrounds everyone.

Altman's glass works in different techniques, colors and supports, emulating the beautiful natural environments that are exposed every day to ruptures of ecological balance.


ART CORNER by ACCS Visual Arts

January and February, 2021 

We present at ART CORNER a selection of works by artists Janine Altman and Teresa Cabo. All of them are inspired by the capacity of resilience that the human being has in the face of the difficulties that the world and contemporary society present.

This exhibition is in support of the Corazoncitos Foundation by donating 10% of the sale of works that are exhibited in the ART CORNER by ACCS Visual Arts Space.

Heritage Day

October, 2020 

Celebration of the HERITAGE IN URUGUAY within the framework of the proposal of the Ministry of Culture.

This year, under the motto "Medicine and health, well-being to be preserved", this year the doctor Manuel Quintela (1865-1928) will be honored, through the activities of the 26th edition of Heritage Day, which will be celebrated on October 3 and 4.

The exhibition that we present at the Aduana de Oribe Museum in Montevideo, will be of a virtual exhibition, due to the situation of Covid-19.

International Exhibition at ARTSY

September, 2020




May to July, 2020

It is an initiative of Galería ACCS VISUAL ARTS and artist friends to collaborate with CanastasUY, an organization that works under the premise of providing nutritional support to families in need throughout the country. Each basket can supply up to 6 people for 3 days.

In the face of the health emergency caused by COVID 19, the solidarity and commitment of Uruguayans grow day by day. Each one provides what is in their hands and the artists do so by donating their Art.

Paintings and sculptures, among other options, are available in an online catalog for those who choose to purchase them. Each buyer who participates in CuidARTE, has the certainty that he will be donating the entire amount corresponding to the price of the work directly to CanastasUY.



ESTE ARTE International Art Fair 2020

January, 2020

ESTE ARTE is an international art fair on a human scale, with strong regional roots, presenting an engaging cultural agenda.
The art fair brings an artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, generating a far-reaching art exhibition for regional and international visitors alike.

The exhibitors program hosts a carefully selected group of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries. Featuring young and established galleries, the fair aims to be the place where collectors can find works of established artists as well as artists at the beginning of their career. 


Opening Season 2020

January, 2020

Exhibition opening season 2020 in Settemari Art Gallery, in Punta del Este.

In this beautiful and exclusive city, on the Uruguayan coast with attractive beaches for tourism.

Where art, gastronomy, sports and fashion converge.