April 2018,


ACCS Visual Arts in ARTEXPO NY 2108:ACCS Visual Arts in ARTE EXPO NY 2018:

ACCS Visual Arts is a space where the works of four Uruguayan artists converge to offer a unique array of artistic expressions. Janine Altman, Ángel Caballero, Teresa Cabo and Luz Sánchez are the talents behind the gallery that displays permanent exhibitions in the heart of the elegant neighborhood of Carrasco, in Montevideo city. 

In addition to being featured in multiple national and international exhibitions, the artists lead workshops, seminars and other cultural activities that aim to bring the world of art to the community through their diverse artistic styles and techniques.


CONTEMPORARY GLASS SOCIETY PRESENT " Glass Inspired by Great Artists'"

March and April, 2018

We asked UK glass artists and International artists to answer the subject of whether there is/was a famous artist who is an inspiration to them and who inspired their work?

Work which displayed a figurative, literal or thematic inspiration of a particular artist’s work on their own. 

Soft crocodiles, delicately painted layers, exquisite engraving, sharp, angular or delicate casting, intricate stained glass, shapely blown forms- a true wealth of techniques and creative ideas explodes here.

Each artist has been inspired by a famous artist and their ideas have been replicated, diluted, pulled apart and recreated within their own work.

As with all CGS online gallery shows, this was a juried show. Works are selected on the merit of both the work, and also photography.35 glass artists were selected. 

This online exhibition was launched on 18th March 2018. 


ESTE ARTE 2018 International Art Fair

January 6-9, 2018

ESTE ARTE is an international art fair on a human scale, with an engaging cultural and VIP agenda. The art fair brings an artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, generating a far-reaching art exhibition for regional and international visitors alike.
The exhibitors program hosts a carefully selected group of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries. Featuring young and established galleries, the fair aims to be the place where collectors can find works of established artists as well as artists at the beginning of their career.

ESTE ARTE is as unique as its venue: It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s stylish. It’s trendsetter.


January 2018

Exhibiton to Celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Punta del Este. The most important tourist city of Uruguay.

Beautiful beaches and magnificent landscapes, make this city a single and paradisiac place. A place full of history and culture despite its young 110 years.

This Exhibiton takes place at Settemari Arte Gallery, Lafayette Tower, Gorlero and 15th street.

Punta del Este, Uruguay.


October 2017

" Interactive Glass - A first for CGS 

We wanted to explore glass that really interacts with a viewer, that inspired by the need to be touched, moved, immersed in, or participated with. The results are marvellous. As our shows goes from strength to strength, this online exhibition seeks to push us into a different realm.


This artwork is an interactive installation, in this sculpture are there moving parts,each bow and each piece when touched moves and causes movement of the other pieces.It was created using two techniques: flameworking and fusion glass, with bullseye glass.

This work is inspired by an analogy between life and the line.
The line represents the simplest and most pure form of expression, which can be both dynamic and varied, depending on whether or not the points are aligned in the same direction, we will have the straight and curved lines.
A line is a continuous sequence of points, just as life is a continuous sequence of moments. Where every moment is a unique experience that gives way to the next.



October 2017

2018 Glass Auction and Gala

All proceeds from our annual Glass Auction and Gala support NLM’s education and outreach programs, impacting tens of thousands of children in our community and throughout the region. The Glass Auction and Gala features hundreds of glass artworks by artists from all over the world. Stay tuned for more details.

This year’s Glass Auction and Gala will be held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown at 12th and Market Streets.

My artwork "Lake" participates at 2018 Glass Auction and Gala.