Janine Altman was born in Uruguay. She works glass using different techniques: Fusing Glass, Flameworking and Pate de Verre. Altman created a different way of working glass, which she calls Openwork Glass, which became her signature of Author. It is a sophisticated form that consists of joining hundreds of small units of glass, linked by metal lines, creating a new structure altogether. Lately she is experimenting and investigating in the recycling of glass, trying to incorporate it into most of her works, either starting from broken objects or in disuse.

Her artworks appeal to different forms and textures in a context in which different tones and nuances complement each other to produce unique and irreproducible pieces. We can notice in her works the presence of geometric and abstract forms, which come together in her own style, as eclectic as it is avant-garde.

“Contemplate nature as a source of inspiration, the universe that arouses our curiosity, amaze us when discovering the details, rhythms, colors, textures, shapes and volumes, harmony of its geometries, the geometry of nature. There is a vibration of the cosmos in each element of nature and making a geometric abstraction of it is something that motivates me, without leaving aside completely the organic lines. The study of Nature shows us that there is a natural order governed by laws, these laws and forces of nature, are also for me, source of inspiration.”

Director of the Gallery ACCS Visual Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay. Teacher of Fused Glass, courses, workshops and seminars.